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The Unspoken Tornado of Being a Working Mom in the Age of Social Media

August 27 2023

The Unspoken Tornado of Being a Working Mom in the Age of Social Media
The Unspoken Tornado of Being a Working Mom in the Age of Social Media
The Dichotomy of Joy and Challenge

Being a mother is an unparalleled experience, filled with boundless joy, undeniable love, and moments that steal your breath away. But it's also one of the hardest roles to fill. It's like juggling fragile glass balls every day, hoping you don’t drop any. And if you’re a working mom? That difficulty is intensified, and you’re juggling flaming glass balls. To top it off, in this age of Instagram-perfect families and flawless working moms, the pressure is even more suffocating.

The Hospital Room to Home Transition

Remember the hospital room moments after giving birth? The fragrance of a newborn, the cooing of friends and family, and the surroundings brimming with gifts and affection. Fast-forward to the moment you step inside your home. Silence. Reality hits. The same people who brought flowers and comfort now disappear into their daily lives, leaving you with a baby, bursting hormones, and countless responsibilities.

Those few weeks of maternity leave? They're your runway, your preparation time before you launch back into the bustling world of work. But who talks about the turbulence? The whirlwind of emotions, self-judgment, the gnawing guilt of not being ‘enough’ for either your baby or your job? It's a tornado that most warn you about but can never quite prepare you for.

Time, The Silent Thief

Blink, and suddenly, 18 years pass. That little bundle you once cradled is now packing for college. How did we get here so fast? Did you really know this individual you poured so much love into? Between board meetings, laundry days, cooking marathons, and project deadlines, where did the time go to truly connect with your child?

And let’s not even delve into the realm of partners and spouses. Maintaining a relationship while handling a career and a growing child? It’s like treading a tightrope with a blindfold.

Social Media: The Magnifying Glass

To add to the brewing pot, social media waits like a hawk. Every move, every decision, and every flaw is amplified. A missed school event gets glaring eyes. A promotion at work attracts whispers of "But what about her family?" It's a no-win situation, making you question, "Can I ever strike a balance?"

Finding The "You" Amidst The Chaos

The million-dollar question - how do we stay true to ourselves amidst this chaos? How do we not lose our essence while donning the hats of a mom, a wife, and a professional?

I don’t have all the answers. I’m still figuring it out. But every day, I remind myself to breathe, to be present in the moments, and to give myself some grace. Because while the world may judge, I choose to define my worth, not by societal standards, but by the love, resilience, and determination I bring to my roles, every single day.

To all working moms out there: It's a wild ride, and it's okay to scream, laugh, cry, and celebrate along the way. You are seen. You are valued. You are enough.

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  • Jessica Salomon : September 13, 2023
    Author's avatar image

    Love this!! Thank you for sharing what I know alllllll working moms want to say & how they feel!

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