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Meet the Founder

Milokssy Resto

Milokssy Resto is a multi-faceted individual who wears many hats - creator, mother, daughter, and woman. Behind each of these titles lies a community of individuals who share similar experiences but have struggled to find a place to connect.

With Monarchs, Milokssy aims to create a safe space for women to learn and explore natural solutions for balancing their bodies, minds, and hormones. She believes in leading difficult conversations and is no stranger to the challenges of womanhood. From surviving a close brush with death in Grand Central Station (link to video) to developing a natural wellness brand, Milokssy's experiences have driven her to create Monarchs, a place where women of all stages of life can be heard, valued, and supported.

At Monarchs, women can learn about and discuss their experiences without any filters,
creating a community of strong and empowered individuals who are taking charge of
their health and well-being.

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