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The Hormone Hustle: When Life Gives You Heels, Strut!

August 26 2023

The Hormone Hustle: When Life Gives You Heels, Strut!
The Hormone Hustle: When Life Gives You Heels, Strut!
In a city that never sleeps, where life's biggest questions often unfold over cosmos and stilettos, I find myself pondering - can a woman have it all? 40s is supposed to be the age of clarity, right? But darling, it seems clarity wears a clever disguise.

There I was, atop the world, or so it seemed. Two dashing sons, a win under my belt with the indomitable Bethenny Frankel. But just as I was enjoying my Manhattan views, those sneaky hormones decided to party, uninvited.

Breasts with a vengeance, a libido playing hide and seek, and a husband thinking I'm giving the cold shoulder to him and hot glances to my shadow. Oh, the drama!

And in this city of dreams and aspirations, you'd think one major win would propel you forward. But no, honey. The rumor mill was churning, and suddenly everyone thinks I'm vying for the silver screen. Phone calls? Ignored. Job offers? Gone with the wind. It's like I've been typecast without even auditioning. Sex? That's a chapter from a book long closed. Fancy clothes? Honey, even my Manolos are gathering dust.

My best friend once told me over brunch, “When one door closes, somewhere a window opens.” But what if the window overlooks an alley you never planned to explore?

Is this a fall from grace or the preamble to a sultry second act? Perhaps it's time to redefine what grace means.

I may not know where the next turn is, but here’s what's clear - I’m a fierce *Momma Lion*, a dedicated wife, and a woman with a narrative yet to unveil. And remember, ladies, every story has its trials, but with the right blend of sass and spirit, the ending is always fabulous.

To all you glamorous souls, navigating the ever-shifting sands of hormones, career, and unexpected detours, always remember - it's not about the shoes, but the journey they take you on. 

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